Hello there! These are the materials that we can use to invite more auditionees. Hope you could repost and share these to your friends. Thank you!

Facebook Posts

Facebook Video or Instagram Stories

ETS_ IGstory_[fav]_Instagram story Audition 03 (1)10s.mp4

.MP4: 10 seconds story - Best story to re-upload ;D


ETS_ IGstory_[fav]_Audition 04 10s.mp4
ETS_ IGstory_[fav]_Audition 03 (3)48s.mp4

.MP4: 48 seconds story (might be too heavy to auto split on Instagram Story)


ETS_ IGstory_Audition 02 27s.mp4
ETS_ IG_ Countdown Audition 04.mp4

.MP4: Countdown timer, but you have to edit and crop/split it yourself


Invite with these phrases

Are you interested to showcase your talent? Join us now, meet new friends along the way, and entertain people!

Audition Now for our **Eizunatics Talent Show**

Deadline: September 14, 2020

Submit your video on

The prize pool is **P6,369**

Record yourself, then submit, we will watch!

Sharing this to your friends is highly appreciated! Please refer them and let them join too. Who will be the first Champion of ETS?